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Welcome to Delisasa. Here in Africa it i...

Welcome to Delisasa. Here in Africa it is a norm to welcome someone to one's abode I guess this is a universal thing too. Anyway, here you are.

What is Delisasa?

Delisasa is an online communities platform that provides a way for you and I to meet professionals and practitioners in the Health Sciences, Medical and Nutrition areas at a central point to discuss important matters concerning health & nutrition. That's one long-winded explanation but I hope you get the point. This is one area that has been bugging me for some years now and I wanted to build something to solve it.

If you read the brief history that I've written on the "About" page you can see from what point I coming from.

I hope Delisasa will be of value to you and the wider community as you use it.

PS: Be civil and relevant in your discourses on this app. We are here to learn and help each other :-)


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